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News Dec 2014

Smashing Pumpkins - Monuments To An Elegy

Finally, new Smashing Pumpkins album out today. 9 December 2014. Monuments To An Elegy. I never get over the good feeling of accomplishment when a project I have worked on gets released.

But been busy since then of course. The Lapko album mix is finished. I mixed a few more songs for the Rush R40 10 DVD Box Set release that also just came out. 5.1 mixing is a lot of fun, but I do wish some sort of standard would be agreed upon as it’s frustrating mixing something not really knowing how the final listener will hear it.

Jonas And The Massive Attraction

Also been working with some more Canadian artists. Mixed the new record for Jonas and the Massive Attraction, a great Montreal based band. Sarah Slean asked me to help out on the mix of her new live release due out soon. Of course I said yes. I am perpetually in love with her voice and she writes music for true music aficionados.


Starting a new project for the last part of the year with a fantastic Toronto band Ménage. Portuguese family band, two brothers, Fernando and Gabriel, formerly from Palmerston and their sister bELA from her successful solo career. We should have some recorded this month and then more later in the new year.

Sin Silencio

Just about completed a mix for a fantastic progressive band from Chile. SinSilencio is their name and they are pushing the boundaries for creativity in the rock world. Album Mix should be done by the end of the year.

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