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News August 2016

It’s been a busy year for Mainstation Music and myself.

Afro Celt Sound System

After the end of the Rush R40 Project, I was back to my old home at Real World Studios in the UK to work with my old friends in the Afro Celt Sound System. A mix for their 20th Anniversary album “The Source” Check it out at

Ryan McCambridge, Rich Chycki, GGGarth, db

Then it was off to NAMM with Ryan. I’m not usually a conference kind of person, but it seemed like it would be fun and we had arranged to meet up with a lot of great people and see some new developments in the land of gear. We met up with of course the Universal Audio people who’s system I use. Super people and always willing to talk about new developments they are working on and getting feedback from users. I also did a brief talk with Colin and Derek at McDSP. Also super guys and pushing the development envelope all the time. Had a great time with 4 Canadian producers in a Yaris. Myself, Ryan, GGGarth and Rich Chycki on our way to the legendary dinner with HHB.

Birds Of Tokyo

After the Christmas Season was over (and I mean just over) it was off to Australia to work with hit Australian band Birds of Tokyo. Fantastic band creatively driven by guitarist Adam Spark and fronted by Ian Kenny, also of Karnivool. This record will be a departure for the band, but still keeping the strong arrangements and passionate songwriting of their earlier releases. The band wanted to stretch out their songwriting chops on this one and the brief was for it to end up being a modern day rock Blade Runner inspired thunderclap of an album. It has been accomplished IMHO. Brought it back to Canada to Mainstation Studio to mix in another time zone for perspective, but I am missing my Australian friends. Thank goodness for social media so I can keep up with their exploits.

Del Anila

Also working with over the year with a New York based artist called Del Anila. Multi Instrumentalist and Composer Danielle Schwob, originally from the UK. Working both in NY and Toronto, I’m helping to create this project in stages as Danielle has another career as Film Composer and that along with my busy schedule has made it more practical to work together when we can, but I believe her talent is worth the wait. You can learn more about Del Anila here.


Over the year I also helped out a young progressive band from Toronto called Polarity. Driving riffs, adventurous arrangements and passionate poetic vocals from Jasmine, these guys regularly fill out venues all across Toronto and push the boundaries. Have a listen to their new release here. Video

Did a fun interview with Dave Pensado over skype from Mainstation Studio in Toronto. It was supposed to be while I was down at NAMM, but Dave was too tied up with all the events going on at the conference. Check it out on the interview page.

As of late, working on yet another 5.1 DVD mix. This seems to be a regular summer job. More details to follow.

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