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News - March 2014

Airports, airports. Toronto to Las Vegas this time. Surprisingly, with the amount of flight time I have put in over the years, this is actually my first time here. I've not been here for long, but I've already come to the conclusion that there are very few happy people in casinos.

I'm here working with an exciting project. The band is called Otherwise, and they are on the cusp of doing something very special. We've been writing and rehearsing for the last week and have started recording the basic tracks at Audio Mix House. We'll move to Vegas View Studios in a week or so to start all the overdubs.

I still have high hopes for the guys inn ERA 9 and we'll be hopefully doing more tracking when the time is right.

I've been doing more mixing for the band/artist Johnny Wore Black in the UK. God bless the internet. Allows for all manner of sins as well as mix transfers for approval. And a mix project for a band called BDR Music from Wisconsin. Very interesting instrumental project of keyboard virtuosity.

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